Minutes meeting 06/03/17

Hi everyone, here are the « sort of minutes » from our meeting on Monday the 6th of March at the Tea Garden. Just some food for good happy bouncy thoughts…


Contact Improv website, logo CI, source books, Andrew Harwood workshop, Organising jams, people’s feelings, beginners/course, video, boundaries/social/ethics, involvement.

1) Video :

Showcase. Bloopers Beginner awareness. Purpose. Marketing ? Commitment. Talking about CI (voice over?). Introduction to CI ?

2) Involvement :

Organising jams. No promises. Active support. Help publicizing. Own initiative. How can I help ? List of jam leaders.

3) People’s feelings :

Ci : What happens in our head ? Do we know what we are doing ? Magic of not knowing.

Jo : Nervous, new born bird, not judgemental.

A : clear during class, jam encouragement, rule ?, social norm ?

 Lu : dancing on own, invitation.

Ci: development of non verbal social intelligence.

Ni : rejection ?

Jo : reflection of your own personality, of what’s going on inside you.

To : previous conception present in our head. If it doesn’t match that’s the magic. Intimidating.

Ju : It’s ok. Time.

Ya : fight (the beginning).

4) Beginners and course :

Definition ? Where find the info ? Different definition. What is it for you ? Different background. Subtle way to get into contact. Very intimate. Conditioning not to connect. Leaders reassuring beginners during jam. Not about rules but holding the space. Emotional space.

Give structure to give freedom to dancers. Breaking the ice. Having input in jam? Keep in mind beginners but all others too. Invitation: listening to energy/tuning in. General eye open to where is new (verbal or non verbal). No chat but space for input. Instruction (share about dance) but not a lab. Everything you do in the space is part of your dance-> mindful speaking.

5) Boundaries/social/ethics:

Round of touch/touch everyone, more aware of everyone. Providing safe space to understand extremity of interaction. Less complicated to dance with a man. More self conscious with a woman. Neutral space for sexuality. Different view on sexuality. Depens on your intention in the dance. Different CI groups have different atmospheres. Find your own answers about sensuality. Complexity: experienced and beginners, making rules? But doesn’t have improvisation essence any more.

Different way to approach the body of someone. Neutral intention. This is a dance; Personal awareness and responsibility. Diving inside yourself: minding yourself. Knowing how to mind yourself. Knowing your boundaries. “Not knowing” for beginners. The more aware with the dance the more art it becomes. Impossible not to “feel”. Creepy: strong intention (no matter which one). Focusing on the dance form.

6) Logo CI:

Cian and Abby’s idea. Cousin Sean. Over cartoony/bubbly or over professional? Yael’s spirals.

7) Source books:

Contact quarterly. CI website. Books to order: where to house them? In library? Can library buy them? Or at a dance college? Public library. History and current context of CI. ILAC center.

8) Organising jams:

In charge of one month: find somebody to lead, create the FB event, showing up, holding space. People form different dance background: what can they bring to CI? March (20/03, 03/04): Lucia. April (17/04, 01/05): Alex. May (29/05, 12/06): anyone? Send to admin the FB blurb and picture so admin can create FB event.

9) Andrew Harwood:

A link with professional dance world/dancers. Professionals scared of injuries with beginners? 19th to 21st of May (Friday to Saturday) with Monday the 15th: special jam with presentation of Andrew.H in the Lab. Spreading the word: marketing, word of mouth. Invite loads of people: payment for FB people to be reached? List of things to do: add to other group pages, especially for weekend workshop. At the Archbishop hall. Sharing goodies. Have a different FB event for the Saturday Jam inside the weekend workshop.

10) CI website: www.contactimprov.ie

Integrating FB page inside website: how? Calendar for events. Anyone wants to get involved for website?

If you have read all the way to the end: well done! Feel free to share any ideas you may have on the Facebook page 🙂